Wedding Agreement Bab 3

« We go to the puppet palace first, we make the vertigo disappear, » Tari said. After Mr. Verry said it. They also started having dinner. Tari was gently chewing Bian`s neck when her husband vomited his breakfast. He removed tissues and eucalyptus oil from the sachet. He was just in case he felt bad finishing the match without knowing that Bian was vomiting first. Eventually, he decided to look at Henry, who just seemed to nod his head. « Elena. It`s peter`s first time at your house, can you take him to the bathroom? Now they sit at a long table and they welcome different types of unusual food.

« Father. Get married tomorrow. I don`t even know him. Elena didn`t finish talking, and all of a sudden, Master Verry cut her off. Getting such a sudden question from Mr. James left Elena a little confused for a while. The story is good. Chapter 21 of .tp is not open. Tks. You can see the flickering lights of Jakarta from above. . « Hmmm, » Bian replied, wiping his mouth with a handkerchief Tari had given him. His head was still dizzy, but his stomach was getting better.

Bian moved to the side of the edge, looking for a bush to remove the contents of his stomach. it was deleted by the author, as its sequel is in the novel mbka 🙂 Peter and Elena were shocked at the same time and shouted loudly. Elena looked at Peter for a moment, and clearly the anger ran out of Peter`s gaze towards her. Once again, Elena said something very calm, but very boring. The dance nodded enthusiastically and smiled widely. Best day ever. « Hmmm. » The dance is always busy admiring the slackening underneath. Stunned dance with wide eyes. He immediately turned his eyes the other way. « Why you? Dizziness? Tari asked when she saw her husband`s pale face. While cutting the steak with energy, I vented my anger about this steak.

Verry invited James to start his dinner, but James poured a glass of wine over his bun instead and got up. The novel is good. Tp Chapter 21 is not open yes. Please contact the author to order the novel mbk, 08158140664 while eating quietly, including Elena. « That`s why I brought you here so you could meet your future wife! » After they were on board, Tari shouted loudly as the boat swayed very high. On the way down, he held his chest, which was still hammering. « It`s so exciting! » Bian took a deep breath. Maybe Dance won`t like what she`s going to tell. But he has to tell you.

Let his wife know the real situation. « I`m glad you told me about your parents. Thank you for your trust.. .

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