Temporary Marriage Separation Agreement

My husband finally left after we had a fight for several months. We`ve been married for 3.5 years. Before our wedding, when we had just started coming out, he copied a phone number from friends on my phone when it rang. My phone was in another place of the house and I wasn`t aware of the call until I checked my phone later. My friend called me and informed me that my friend had called him!! I spoke to Dan (name is fictitious) about the invasion of privacy because we were not living together and were not married. I told him he had to get advice and that he had trust issues. He asked for advice before we got married. We finally got married, but we started having problems a year after the wedding. The first problem was the finances.

We have divided the common budgetary expenditures in the middle. I soon found out that he was bringing a lot more money home, so I wrote a budget based on the percentage of total income we were bringing home one by one, and I refused to pursue the 50/50 deal. He didn`t like it, but he knew it was right. Then he was laid off from his job, which was not a problem, since he is retiring and he receives retirement income and unemployment. He decided to use his unemployment to create a job and a business, and I supported him in his efforts. He decided to enroll in school, and I supported him in another company. When his unemployment died (a year later), he decided to abandon the store. Now he has time at home and other problems start here. Dan has time to focus on school while I was unemployed at home, which I thought was a good idea. He is retired and had a lot of time to do during the day what he wanted while I was working during the week. But I felt very little known.

I would come home and he would often do nothing around the house to keep it clean. I felt he should have dine on the table at least a few times a week and maybe eat once a week. No, we do not have children together who are raised because they are adults and they come from previous marriages. He also stopped taking me out and withdrawing me; Life with him was no longer fun. So I shared his concerns with him on many occasions, and nothing has changed. I collapsed and told him that I think we should get divorced. He asked me if I was ready for advice, and I said yes. He said he would find a councillor and he never made the appointment.

I asked him several times if the appointment had been made, and he said « no, » so I stopped asking and felt he had given up. He eventually moved out and explained that it was unbearable to live with me because we had stopped communicating with each other. I dressed as a college teacher after a long day at work. He was coming out of the room on the ground floor. I came home and stayed in the room on the ground floor and read on my iPad until I got tired. There was nothing to expect at home. I felt cornered and felt I couldn`t do anything. When I expressed my concerns, he insulted what I said, no matter how I said it.

I felt the best thing for us was to split up. At this point, I think I`ve done everything I could and still don`t know what to do. One day, I gave him a file with a joint petition for divorce and asked him to sign it. We fought for about a month for the condominium! We also had to decide how to manage the lease, since we rent a house and the lease is in both names. He agreed to pay his half rent after he moved but as long as he paid the rent, he would not have moved completely, which meant that he had the right to access the house.

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