Section 106 Agreements Training

Our approach to training in Section 106 includes case studies and exercises that allow participants to practice applying regulatory information on real-world scenarios. All attendance courses offer a textbook and CD with additional examples, instructions and reference materials. Personalised advice and tailor-made training can also be provided to public and private sector organisations CIL and S106. The « Tailored Training » option offers complete flexibility and allows you to tailor your support package to your own needs, preferences and budget. To register and other questions, email or call 202-517-0205. This new interactive course will work from the beginning to the end of a draft section 106 agreement. Email us at to ask for our help in meeting your training needs and Section 106 goals. You have the opportunity to discuss the different approaches to design and are challenged to reflect on preconceived ideas, which is an appropriate way to provide a valid and enforceable agreement in accordance with Section 106. .

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