Safe Deposit Box Agreement Form

A FORTRESS TO PROTECT YOUR VALUABLES You can find cardiff Safe Deposit`s terms and conditions here. CONTRACT 1.1 These terms and conditions (conditions) constitute, along with the application form and price list, the contract between us (the contract) in which we undertake to provide you (to the principal tenant) the use of the safe indicated in the application form (the box) for the period indicated in the application form (duration). 1.2 These conditions prevail over the inconsistent conditions contained in any document you propose with respect to the box, or all of which are expressly excluded. 1.3 The drafting of the contract depends on the provision of such proof of identification, the information you provide in the application form and the payment of a down payment in the sum indicated in the price list (key deposit) by you. The key deposit will be refunded to you subject to your return of the key (as defined below) and provided that on that date we are not entitled to any other sums of the contract. You cannot open an account in the name or name of others. 1.4 You must notify us immediately of any changes to the information you provide in the application form. 1.5 Subject to the presentation of the information we have requested, you may be present personally with us in the application form or later in our house with the person concerned, a person with the same right of access to the box (secondary tenant). 1.6 As part of our verification process and because of the regulatory environment in which we operate, we may use the services of certain identity verification agencies we have designated, using verification systems containing a variety of data sets that are either in their possession or under third-party license.

Part of this process could include conducting a full choice list search, which places a search fingerprint on your credit file with reference credit agencies. We also insert you on Section 10 (Data Protection), which you should read carefully. 1.7 Except in the event of a death of which we receive sufficient evidence, we will only remove a secondary tenant after receiving an original letter signed by the primary tenant. In the event of the death of the primary tenant, the secondary tenant must provide satisfactory proof of the property before access is granted. Until then, the box will be confiscated. If the box is seized and remains confiscated for the duration of the contract, the second tenant must update the payments before access to the box is allowed. 1.8 You must insure the property that you intend to store in the box against all damages and losses in full replacement value, and we will not be held liable to them or to a secondary tenant, unless expressly provided for in this contract. 1.9 These conditions apply over the life of the concept, including extension, extension, amendment or modification. Including extensions, extensions, changes or changes made through online services, by telephone or by any other means of confirmation and/or payment.

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