In Agreement With Its Contents

If the parties have concluded other contracts with other parties, it is possible to indicate whether or not these previous contracts are affected by the new contract. In addition, a Committee on Trade Facilitation will be established to meet at least once a year. These committees also exist under other WTO agreements and play an important role in the implementation of the agreement. In addition to the committee at WTO level, each member is invited to establish a national committee « in order to facilitate both national coordination and the implementation of the provisions of this Agreement ». The final provisions of Article 24 lay down provisions relating to the entry into force of Members, the accession of new Members (1*) and new Parties (2*), relations with other WTO agreements, namely GATT 1994, the OBT and SPS Agreements, the application of the USD, and exceptions and exceptions. A trial period can be agreed at the beginning of the employment contract. The trial period may not exceed six months. For fixed-term contracts, the probation period may not exceed half of the duration of the employment contract. During this period, the worker can assess whether the work is suitable for him and the employer can assess whether the worker is fit for the job. .

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