Employee Parking Agreement

It is important that staff follow our parking rules to keep our parking safe and clean. We expect our employees to respect our parking lot and treat it with the same care as any other place in our building. Staff cannot: waste must not accelerate and respect the parking limit of [20 km/h], respect the property and vehicles of others, do not park overnight, unless they work on night shifts. Below is a model of parking rules that can only be used as a reference. Please note that this is only a model and should be tailored to the specific needs of your workplace. It is not a legal document and it is not a legal consultation. There may be local or federal legal policies and rules regarding parking spaces that you should consider when developing your own policy. This Directive shall apply to all employees who, in the course of their activities, operate company or private vehicles, including permanent, temporary, contractual, trainee and voluntary workers. Our corporate parking policy outlines our parking rules for employees and visitors.

We explain our criteria for allocating parking spaces and establish rules for the use of our parking spaces. We will reserve a few parking spaces for executives and employees who drive company vehicles. Car parks for large company vehicles (e.g.B. trucks) can be separated from our staff car park. Employees who wish to obtain parking must submit their application to our [Human Resources Department / Facility Manager]. Any employee who parks in unauthorized or prohibited areas or who does not comply with this directive shall receive a written warning and reprimand. Repeated violations result in the deprivation of the parking advantage. If the employee continues to fail to comply with this directive or in the event of a serious breach, the employee may suffer disciplinary consequences up to and including termination of employment. Remember that if you add additional security features to your parking lot, you can follow other legal policies (for example. B placement and use of the surveillance camera).

You may need to change your parking policy and install additional signs, such as .B security cameras, around your property. We expect drivers to maintain a clean and safe parking lot, as they maintain their jobs. The following rules apply at all times: We allocate parking based on these priorities until they are exhausted. We can reserve a few places for visitors that we clearly mark with signs. We will allocate our remaining parking spaces according to the following priority: This directive does not limit parking outside the site.. . . .

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