Due Learning Agreement

There is no need to submit a new LA or change if your home and host university has approved your initial course choice and you don`t want to change! The courses on your transcript at the end of your mobility must correspond to the courses you have listed in your learning agreement! All exchange students update their apprenticeship contracts at least once before the end of the semester. If your learning agreement does not change during the semester/semester, you will not have to do anything unless your home university requests a new version of your learning agreement. Check that your webOodi registrations are up to date. If there is no course due to a delay in registration, contact the Student Customer Service at opinto (at) lut.fi and ask them to add a course to your studies. Please note that late registration always requires the instructor`s permission. Fill out the Learning Agreement form and register the courses you wish to take during your ERASMUS semester abroad. Please note that as an ERASMUS student, you must complete 30 ECTS per semester. The learning agreement must be signed by the departmental coordinator of the home university (ERAMUS coordinator of the BIWI faculty, Ms Melanie Leung) as well as by your partner university. If the courses change before the start of the study, please change them on the second page of the learning agreement.

L`institution de recrutement commits to provide the sending institution and the student with a Transcript of Records with in aperiod stipulated in the inter-institutional agreement and normally not longer than five weeks after publication/proclamation of the student`s results at the receiving institution. It be provided electronically or with other means accessible to the student. Sometimes it is necessary to change your learning agreement (due to unavailability of courses, overlapping lesson plans, or changes in opinion about a previously selected course). After the start of the semester at your host school, you will have four (4) weeks to submit your amended learning agreement (by missing this deadline, your choice of course will not be allowed). If your original LA has been signed, you must submit a modified « During the Mobility » learning agreement to your host school within four weeks of the start of the semester (see download below). Make sure that you and the host university coordinator sign the amended LA before sending it to Stephanie Anderson by email (as a readable PDF scan), by mail or at the office. The OLS has been designed to help Erasmus+ students improve their knowledge of the language in which they will learn before and during their stay abroad, in order to ensure a better quality of learning mobility. . . .

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