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While the White House had not released the text of the agreements until Tuesday afternoon, Mr Trump said that, as a result of the agreement, the three nations are « establishing embassies, exchanging ambassadors and . cooperate closely to work as a partner in all areas, from tourism and security to trade and health. The deal, Trump said, « will also open the door for Muslims around the world to visit historical sites in Israel and pray peacefully at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. » The past few days have shown that 2020 may not be a totally missed opportunity for the climate. Climate Denier and presidential candidate Donald Trump has been defeated in major U.S. swing states, in part because of the very high turnout of young climate-friendly democratic voters. President-elect Joe Biden has already said that re-entry into the Paris Agreement alone will not be enough. He knows that from a purely economic point of view, the fossil fuel industry, which Trump and even Germany have tried so much to support, must be locked up. We`il see. While Palestinians and their supporters were upset by the deals, Arab leaders expressed support for the Palestinians at Tuesday`s event, hoping they would reach their own deal with Israel. Participants said Tuesday`s signings were the first in a wave of agreements between Israel and Sunni Arab states.

« After decades of division and conflict, we are marking the beginning of a new Middle East. » Three documents were signed: a declaration by all parties, a bilateral agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, and a bilateral agreement between Israel and Bahrain. Trump also signed each document as a witness. The agreements mark the first treaties between Israel and an Arab nation since Egypt signed one in 1979 and Jordan in 1994. Unlike these two countries, the Uae and Bahrain have never waged wars against the Jewish state. But the agreements will normalize relations between nations and be Israel`s recent success — and the Trump administration — in forging closer ties between the Jewish state and Sunni Arab nations that view Iran as a common enemy. . . .

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