Code Share Agreement Meaning

Line spacing agreements are another term whose meaning is slightly different from the codeshare agreement. In principle, code-sharing is, as noted above, a type of commercial contract between marketing companies and operating airlines. On the other hand, Interline Agreement is a kind of contract between airlines. It makes it easy for passengers who need flights with more than one airline to reach their final destination. Connection operation: A connection service is an agreement where by which an airline has a codeshare agreement with another airline that does not operate in the same sector but offers connections with other flights. For example, British Airways sells tickets to London in Chicago. However, the entire flight is not provided by them. In most cases, British Airways transports passengers from London to New York. From New York, a liaison partner brings passengers to Chicago. Codeshare is a marketing agreement in which an airline places its design code on a flight operated by another airline and sells tickets for that flight. Airlines around the world continue to enter into codeshare agreements to strengthen or strengthen their market presence and competitiveness.

U.S. and foreign airlines wishing to operate coding services must first obtain authorization from the department in the form of a declaration of authorization pursuant to Part 212 of the department`s economic regulations, 14 CFR Part 212. The Ministry shall approve the application if it finds that it is in the public interest. There is also a less common type of block space agreement, that is, the « soft » arrangement of block space. There are also cases where it is simply a free trade agreement with restrictions limited to the number of seats the merchant airline can sell on the exporter`s flight. There are different types of code-sharing arrangements: The 2nd type of code-sharing agreements is the block space. Codeshare agreements are the easiest way for airlines to access a market without a free trade agreement. In this case, the block space agreement is particularly used when the participating airlines have not been part of the same alliance. He is a complex type. The interline agreement allows each airline to accept the other`s ticket and covers baggage transfers and liability. Just like the airline codeshare list, there is the list of interline agreements of different airlines. However, it is important to review this guideline with the airline when you check in for your first flight.

Ask if the other airline that is flying has different rules than the first exporting airline and remember that some countries have rules for requesting your luggage at the entrance, even if you have not reached your destination. This last part can happen whether or not you are on a codeshare flight. For a codeshare flight, you check in with the exporting airline at its counter at the airport or online.

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