Co Op Policy Agreement Guelph

You should read the co-policy agreement and stay familiar with them, especially with the responsibilities you have as a student in the cooperation program. If you have questions about the cooperation policy, respect the agreement throughout your conclusion. Co-op students must be enrolled full-time for the duration of their studies, as indicated in the program of study in the bachelor`s calendar. Co-op students must also meet other conditions (for example. B satisfactory co-operative work reports, performance evaluations and learning objectives) to continue the co-op program. The full conditions for further study for a co-operation program are described in the Policy Agreement for Student Involvement in Co-operative Education University of Guelph. The full directive may be This directive is approved by the Senate on the recommendation of the Board of Undergraduate Studies. All cooperating students are required to accept the terms of the political agreement before participating in their first collaborative employment process. Note: You must follow the corresponding schedule for the year you launched your program.

For example, if you launched your program in the fall of 2011, you must follow the 2011-2012 undergraduate calendar (not the latest version). Check the archived section of the academic calendar if you`re following an older version. The Policy Agreement for Student Involvement in Co-operative Education contains the conditions for which the Koop program is managed and governs the relationship between the co-op student, the co-op faculty counsellor, the employer and the CECS. It outlines the policies and procedures that will be defined to enable students and employers to make the most of them and to effectively accelerate the cooperation process. Membership cards are only valid for purchases from the member cardholder, they are not transferable. The Guelph Co-operative campus is a democratically owned and controlled student co-operative that operates a bookstore at Johnston Hall on the University of Guelph campus and houses off-campus student housing. The Guelph Campus Co-operative is a non-equity consumer co-operative governed by the Co operative Corporations Act- Ontario and the CCG statutes. It is worth being a member of the Guelph Co-op campus.

Last year, the Co-op received more than $120,000 from our members. Students who are unable to meet the timetable for their disability cooperation program may need an approved accommodation plan. The CECS must approve the accommodation plan and students may be asked to provide additional information during the authorisation process.

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